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This is the phone Kate should have used to avoid photo ...

It’s the phone that ticks almost every box on the longest shopping list of features for fun, photography, travel, productivity, ga...

Queensland and Northern Territory on cyclone watch

Residents of NT and northern Queensland have been put on alert for another cyclone which is threatening to form over the weekend.

‘Comically awkward’ US ute arrives in Australia

This massive American pick-up truck kicks sand into the face of other motorists, the environment and conventional dual-cab utes.

Macca’s returns after nationwide outage

An IT outage at McDonald’s stores swept across the globe last night, leaving thousands hungry and disappointed .

‘Destructive winds’: Locals brace for cyclone

Powerful wind gusts of up to 185km/h could blast one state as a cyclone forms off the coast.

‘Dramatic’: Big change to Australia’s weather

There is now as high as an 85 per cent chance of a huge gear change to Australia’s weather which could be exacerbated by years of ...

‘Proudest Rottweiler Mama’: Mauling victim

A woman whose own Rottweilers almost killed her has posted a poignant update to her social media after she almost lost an arm.

‘F**king sorry’: XR radicals shut down city

Dozens of radical environmentalists have shut down a major city in act of civil disobedience, with armed police moving in to break...

Why Fiat’s Abarth 500E fails to deliver

Impractical, slow and wildly expensive, this European battery-powered hatch looks great but misses the mark by a sizeable margin.

‘Monster’ 340kg alligator kept in home and swam with ki...

A man who allowed members of the public, including kids, to get into the water and pat the unsecured alligator has been accused of...

Albo should force TikTok sale: Paterson

The TikTok app, and its 8.5 million Australian users, face an uncertain outlook with growing concerns by governments over its safe...

‘Unfortunate’: Albo breaks silence on Kate drama

Anthony Albanese has weighed in on the photoshop fail drama that has gripped the world in recent days.

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